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Most companies understand the simple advantage of leasing the equipment that helps their business run. After all, revenues are generated — and profits are realized-by operating the equipment, not by owning it. That's why 85 percent of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment today. And it's why 89 percent of those that do, plan to lease equipment again in the future.

According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, most businesses lease because it frees-up cash flow to invest in other areas of the business. Others choose it for the maintenance options. And still others like that it allows them to experience the latest in technology without worrying about obsolescence.

From office technology equipment like printers and multi-function devices, to manufacturing equipment, business leasing has helped organizations — just like yours — thrive.

Here are a few of the reasons why.

Minimal startup costs

With most leasing programs, initial expenditures are small, allowing your company to obtain the equipment it needs quickly — and inexpensively.

Protection against obsolescence

Today's office technologies can change rapidly. With the right leasing program, you can upgrade your equipment anytime by modifying your lease. If you owned the same equipment, you'd be forced to buy new equipment again — or allow your company to fall behind technology's leading edge.

Working capital is conserved

Your company's cash flow — and line of credit — can be dedicated to profit-generating activities, emergency needs and investments.

Consistent budgeting

Lease payments are consistent, making budget projections more predictable.

Tax savings

Lease payments can be fully deductible when business equipment financing is structured properly.

Lease on a project-by-project basis

If large, time-definite projects are a mainstay of your business, then you can lease the exact equipment you need for exactly how long you need it.

Reduced interest-rate risk

Fixed payments can protect against higher interest rates in the future.

End-of-lease options

When your lease expires, you can purchase the equipment, return it, upgrade it or lease it again.

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